Our events in 2024 – SaveTheDates

24.03.2024 – Palmsonntagsprozession in Göttweig AUT 01.04.2024 – Osterspaziergang in Stoitzendorf AUT 27.01.2024 – Bruns Night Buittle Castle SCOT 05.04.-06.04.2024 – Eröffnung der Ordensausstellung und Ordenskapitel des OESSM in Querfurt GER 11.04.2024 – Todestag Hl. Stanislaus in Ossiach AUT 19.04. – 21.04.2024 Investitur des OESSM in Nürnberg GER 27.04.2024 Investiture in Chichester Hampshire UK 30.05.2024 […]

A journey to Bamberg

Three Grand Priories of the Order of St. Stanislaus travelled to the Convention of the Knights of the Order of the Star and Friendship in Bamberg.Their Excellencies, Gunter and Monika Schatz have outdone themselves with this year’s event.The opportunity to renew and deepen our networks. We have laid a good foundation for our worldwide charitable […]