Obituary Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt, GCCStS

Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Grand Prior em. Dame Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt, GCCStS. Sylvia passed away 2nd November with her friends at her side. For over 15 years, Sylvia has been one of the leading officers in the Order of Saint Stanislas. In the late 1990s, she established the Order of Saint Stanislas in Austria and took part in all decision making meetings of the Order worldwide during these years.
Sylvia‘s passion for the Order and the wellbeing of our worldwide organisation was an important asset for the positive developement of OStS. Never shy with her opinion, Sylvia always spoke her mind. She was often asked to share her knowledge and she graciously gave of herself yet she was open and eager to learn from others. Sylvia served as Grand Prior of Austria also as host to many visitors from around the world sharing her expertise, her warm manner and her mission to leave the society better for generations to come. Sylvia had a sense of humor and love of life that made her joy to be with. She will be terribly missed by all of her peers at the Order of Saint Stanislas.