The Order's Representatives

  • Regent of the Order: H.E. Tomás L. Lorant,GCCStS
  • Grand Chancellor: H.E. Alexander Graff de Pancsova, MD,FRCS, GCCStS
  • Chancellor for Australasia: H.E. Russell Male Lord of Walterston, GCCStS, KCSJ
  • Chancellor of Western  Europe: Exz. Alexander Graff de Pancsova, MD, FRCS, GCCStS
  • Cancellor of Eastern Europe: HE Thaddaeus v. Lison, GCCStS
  • Chancellor for Latin America: Chev. Tomas L. Lorant, GCCStS
  • Chancellor for North America: Vacant
  • Grand Secretary: Dame Diana Rose Causton, GCCStS
  • Communication Director: H.E. Mathias J. Grabher, GCCStS
  • Grand Bailiff: Dame Mag. jur. Katharina M. Dirnbacher, MLL, BSc, 
  • Grand Marshal: H.E. Thaddaeus Baron von Lison, GCCStS
  • Grand Treasurer: Dame Angelica Roehr, Dkfm, GCCStS
  • Grand Archivist: H.E. Thaddaeus Baron von Lison, GCCStS
  • Grand Prelate: Vakant
  • King of Arms: H.E. Baron Joseph von Ritter zu Groenesteyn, MSc, GCStS
  • Grand Constable: H.E. Lawrence J. Day, ISO, CStJ, GCCStS. KLJ, JP
  • Grand Legate: (for other Orders and chivalric organisations) H.E. Herbert Class, GCCStS
  • Grand Legate: (for southeastern Europe) Dame Ivana McCann, GCCStS
  • Grand Legate: (for western Europe) H.E. Thaddaeus Baron von Lison, GCCStS
  • Grand Legate: (for Poland) H.E. Alfred Winiecki, GCCStS
  • Grand Councillor: H.E. Herbert Class, GCCStS
    Grand Councillor: H.E. Leslie Grout, GCCStS

For the specific functions of the members of the Grand Magitry please see the Constitution


Chev. Tomas L. Lorant, Regent of the Order of St. Stanislas

H.E. Alexander Graff de Pancsova
Grand Chancellor of Order of St. Stanislas