The Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is worn as a sach and is accompanied with the Golden Star of the Order.

Class I       Post Nominal: GCStS


Commander with Star

Commander with Star is worn on a neck badge in conjunction with the Silver Star of the Order

Class II     Post Nominal: CSStS


The Commander Cross

Commander cross is worn on a neck badge.

Class III       Post Nominal: CStS


Officer's Cross

The Officer’s Cross is an enamelled cross and rosette worn on the left breast.

Class IV     Post Nominal: OStS


The Knight Cross

The Knight Cross is an enamelled cross worn on the left breast.

Class V     Post Nominal: KStS


The Grand Cross and Colar

The Grand Cross and Collar
Worn by The Regent and Members of the Regency Council or the Grand Magistry

This can also be given as an award by the Grandmaster for outstanding members.

Post Nominal: GCCStS


The Justice Cross

For members of old aristocratic families. 

To be worn on the right breast.


Cross of Merit in Silver and Gold

This Cross of Merit in silver and gold exists as an award for special services in the name of the Order.

Left: Silver Cross of Merit (Triangular binding)               Right: Golden Cross of Merit (Imperial binding)

The binding used depends on the customs of the country the decorated member is living


250 Years Anniversary Cross


Rosettes and Brooche


Historical Crosses from 1978 until 2018

from left to right:

First row lt.: 

first cross 1978 (golden eagles, in the center a sword and St S)

First row rt. and second row: 

the eagles are elaborated white and gold enameled, the Bishop appears in the center. 1985-2001

Third row: 2001-2018

The cross becomes more and more luxury and coloured. The Crown appears, although it is totally unhistoric. In the center the Bishop St. Stanislas and at the back the SAR (Stanislas August Rex).

Note the green leaves at the end of the arm’s of the cross. 

since 2018 the crown is removed again. Some countries still use the cross with the (unhistorical) crown.

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