Soldiers and knights unite for children in Austria

Soldiers with a Heart and the Order of St Stanislaus donate buggies and books to young Carinthian families in need.

On 20 June 2024, the charitable associations Soldiers with Heart and the Order of St. Stanislaus presented a donation to eight young families in need in Carinthia. The donation comprised ten buggies and a large number of colouring and reading books. The handover took place at the headquarters of the Carinthian relief organisation in Klagenfurt.

John P. Platzer, President of Soldiers with Heart, emphasised the importance of their donation campaigns: „These gifts are more than just material aid – they are a sign of solidarity and support for families in difficult life situations. We want to show that no one is left alone and that we stand together as a community.“
Thomas Schatz, Prior of the Order of St. Stanislaus, added: „It is an honour for us to bring a little joy and relief to these families. We hope that the buggies and books will make the families‘ everyday lives a little easier and richer.“

Maggie Jeschofnig, Head of the Social Service Centre of Hilfswerk Kärnten, was deeply moved and grateful: „The support we have received today is a blessing for many families. The help is urgently needed, especially in the summer, when the strain on leisure activities is often even greater.“ Kathrin Partl, Educational Director of LSB Networks, emphasised the importance of such donations: „Such generous donations are irreplaceable for our educational work. It is encouraging to see that there are organisations and associations that support us with such meaningful contributions. We are very grateful for this.“

The campaign is another example of the tireless commitment of the charitable organisations Soldiers with Heart and the Order of St. Stanislaus, who are constantly working to improve the lives of people in need in their community.

Fotos: Mischitz Media /