Rememberance Day 2023

What an amazing day.The Grand Prior of the United Kingdom was invited to represent the Order of St. Stanislas at Canterbury Cathedral after laying a wreath on behalf of the nation after the annual rememberance service. The Royal British Legion allowed him the honour of also representing the Order at the Rememberance Sunday parade at […]

Our events in 2024 – SaveTheDates

24.03.2024 – Palmsonntagsprozession in Göttweig AUT 01.04.2024 – Osterspaziergang in Stoitzendorf AUT 27.01.2024 – Bruns Night Buittle Castle SCOT 05.04.-06.04.2024 – Eröffnung der Ordensausstellung und Ordenskapitel des OESSM in Querfurt GER 11.04.2024 – Todestag Hl. Stanislaus in Ossiach AUT 19.04. – 21.04.2024 Investitur des OESSM in Nürnberg GER 27.04.2024 Investiture in Chichester Hampshire UK 30.05.2024 […]

A journey to Bamberg

Three Grand Priories of the Order of St. Stanislaus travelled to the Convention of the Knights of the Order of the Star and Friendship in Bamberg.Their Excellencies, Gunter and Monika Schatz have outdone themselves with this year’s event.The opportunity to renew and deepen our networks. We have laid a good foundation for our worldwide charitable […]

Investiture at Schönbrunn Palace

The world comes together again at Schönbrunn Palace. Since 2012, the Grand Priory of Austria has invited to Schönbrunn Palace every two years. To personally congratulate the 25th anniversary, Grand Priors from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Estonia and the United Kingdom travelled to Vienna. Members and guests from 10 nations took part in the largest event […]

Are you ready?

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Grand Priory of Austria, the Grand Priory invites you to a solemn investiture at the historical Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.The event will last three days and will be the largest ever hosted by the Grand Priory of Austria. Well over 400 guests on all three days […]

Annual Memorial Dinner in Colchester

The annual memorial dinner took place in Colchester this year. The Grand Priory United Kingdom, led by H.E. Jeremy Bromley, met to pay tribute to the re-founder of the present Order of St. Stanislas, Julilusz Nowina-Sokolnicki.



Auch wenn das Wetter und die Stimmung noch nicht danach ist, hier die Information zum 03.12.22…. Adventspaziergang in der Kellergasse in Stoitzendorf. Einstimmen auf Weihnachten und Freunde treffen. Der Kölla des Priorat Niederösterreich öffnet seine Türen für alle Mitglieder des Ordens und seine Freunde. Gulaschsuppe, typische Getränke, Feuerkörbe und ein buntes Programm in der Kellergasse […]