A Grand Priory celebrates it´s birthday!

In 1998, the re-founder of the Order, Exz. Juliusz Nowina Sokolnizki, commissioned Dame Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt to found a Priory in Austria. This was successfully carried out by her. After the handover to Dr. Alexander Graff de Pancsova in 2012, the story of succsess of the Grand Priory took its course. In 2018, the Humanitarian Aid Team was established in Austria. Today, it is active in 17 countries worldwide. Today, after only 25 years, the Grand Priory of Austria is the flagship of the Order of St. Stanislaus worldwide. The Regent of the Order, H.E. Tómas L. Lorant and the entire Regency Council congratulate the Grand Priory on its anniversary and continue to rely on the leadership and exemplary charitable work of the Grand Priory Austria.