Investiture at Schönbrunn Palace

The world comes together again at Schönbrunn Palace.

Since 2012, the Grand Priory of Austria has invited to Schönbrunn Palace every two years.

To personally congratulate the 25th anniversary, Grand Priors from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Estonia and the United Kingdom travelled to Vienna. Members and guests from 10 nations took part in the largest event ever of the Grand Priory of Austria.

The wonderful backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace allowed everyone to enjoy a touch of monarchy for a moment.

The Grand Protectors of the Order Their Imperial Royal Highnesses Archduke Sandor and Archduchess Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen and our Grand Chancellor of the Order Dr. Alexander Graff de Pancsova accepted 17 new members into the Order. A warm welcome to all the new Dames and Knights of the OStS. Three new Grand Priors were inducted into their offices. Congratulations to their Excellencies. For Italy Paolo di Giovane, Mart Sanders for Estonia and Jeremy Graham Bromley who takes over the Grand Priory of the United Kingdom.

There was a lot going on, not only internationally. The Grand Priory of Austria also continued to grow and established the delegations of Tyrol and Carinthia.

Chev. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Christoph Hofer was appointed for Tyrol.

Chev. Dietmar Aschaber works for Carinthia.

After a long investiture at Schönbrunn Palace, we went to Joseph II. to refuel with energy.

The first Charity Gala of the Order of St. Stanislaus was a success all along the line.

We welcomed our members and guests on the evening of 16th September to the first Charity Gala of the OStS in the Parkotel Schönbrunn.

In addition to an intellectually demanding and beautiful performance of Haydn’s Emperor’s Quartet performed live on stage by a string quartet, there was also a review and an insight into the work of the Humanitarian Aid Team, which was founded in Austria in 2018 and is now active in 17 countries.

Charity was not neglected either. Our delegation from Carinthia recorded a CD and offered it for sale. The delegation from Tyrol brought a unique piece that went through the roof. The auction of the hand-carved wooden coat of arms of the Order raised €3.500,- for the Delegation Tyrol. The work of art was also signed by our Grand Protectors Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses and our Chancellor of the Order. This auction gave rise to the idea of the Brenner – Hofer Foundation.

Diligent donations were made for the good cause and the priories of the Grand Priory of Austria can continue to work as successfully as before.

For this we convey our sincere thanks.

Media representatives accompanied us throughout the day. You will see the contribution in the next few days. Here are a few photos.

Once again, we congratulate all the newly admitted members and welcome them to the Order of St. Stanislas.

Our special thanks goes to Exz. Sax and Exz. Spevak as well as Exz. Walter and Dame Schön and also to Chev. Brenner, Chev. Gruber, Chev. Lee and Mr. Kerndler who gave us great support before and during the event.

We are now looking forward to all the events that our priories have already planned for the coming year. A special Investiture will certainly be the Investiture in 2024 in the monastery of Ossiach in Carinthia. SaveTheDate 21.09.2024

The Grand Priory of Austria would like to thank all participants.

Thank you very much for coming and for making this event so special for us.

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